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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD is an illness that exemplifies unique challenges for public engagement. Using examples from a research project exploring the experience of parents whose child was born with a congenital anomaly in the neonatal intensive care unit, this presentation will invite the researcher to consider the phenomenological interview. Furthermore, in order for self-care practices to be consolidated and used in the face of challenges, trainees seem to need to develop the identity of someone who engages in self-care. As nonacademic researchers, they participated to the identification of the research objectives and choose to develop a digital storytelling DST project. The rationale for this study was a gainful attempt to investigate the learning processes of medical residents and practicing attending physicians in the context of emergency medicine. Quality of late life QOLL:

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Abstracts, Oral Presentations for Qualitative Health Research Conference, 2017

Many qualitative studies aim to capture, understand, and interpret the experience of time, but how does temporality interfaces with participatory approaches? Longitudinal tracking and metacognitive intervention of reading comprehension skills for linguistically diverse students in K schools. I utilize cognitive behavioral interventions and operate from a person centered perspective. Migrant experiences of uprootedness are often essentialized and framed as primarily affecting individuals. Revisiting program vision, theory, and recognition of elements related to successful implementation and maintenance will allow decision and policy makers to focus on pursuing means to improve capacity for more efficient and successful implementation of the program. They were frustrated with being researched and with having others plan initiatives for their neighborhood. Nurses tell stories each shift as progress notes, shift handovers, and patient education sessions.

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We conducted a grounded theory study aimed at understanding the process by which health-care trainees develop self-care practices and, related, where some health-care trainees might struggle to do so. Although much is known about individual-level risks and negative health outcomes associated with social isolation in later life, the impact of life course trajectories and the more collective experiences are seldom considered. Civil servants' understanding of the tentativeness of research findings reported in briefing notes: Our feasibility study relies on qualitative 6 focus groups and 17 in-depth semistructured interviews and quantitative measures of self-efficacy and satisfaction data with women and providers. Primary progressive apraxia of speech PPAoS is a neurodegenerative syndrome characterized by speech apraxia at its onset; as it progresses, it often evolves into total mutism.
HIV diagnosis and management. Understanding children's and adolescents' emotional experiences of peer injury and their implications for parental responses. Data were analyzed using an inductive and interpretive approach to qualitative content analysis. Finding a place for rights: Inspiring citizens to engage in research can be greatly enhanced by taking a second look at temporality. Neoliberal industrialization, the rural periphery, and uneven development in India.

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