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In this case if the child tells the truth it will likely be fine but your fiance should consult a lawyer. February 26, at 3: Help them understand the natural consequences of their actions when they overstep boundaries. MumLouise 40yrs female spanker, Motherwell Strict Mother I am a strict mother type who enjoys providing discipline to those younger than myself who would benefit from having some rules and Ivory Namara — Cold 6 months 4 weeks ago. Adults who were spanked as children are at risk for using violence as a means of resolving conflicts as adults. In order for correction to deter disobedient behavior, the consequence imposed upon the child must outweigh the pleasure of the disobedient act.

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Since this definition includes spanking as well as obviously abusive acts such as kicking, punching, beating, face slapping, and even starvation, more specific definitions must be used to separate appropriate versus inappropriate corporal punishment. This rationale for spanking is somewhat resigned to the human fallibility of parents, who like everyone else lose their temper at times and who may be caught off guard by the continual trials of raising children. Nonetheless, these "how to" instructions have some serious flaws. These kinds of experiences are why this whole issue is fraught with controversy — a child should never be abused. Parents taking extreme approaches to discipline authoritarian-types using excessive punishment with less encouragement or permissive-types using little punishment and no spanking were less successful. However, an appropriately-administered spanking of a forewarned disobedient child is not harmful when administered in a loving controlled manner. Conclusion The subject of disciplinary spanking should be evaluated from a factual and philosophical perspective.

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As a weapon against predators. The reason rod's were carried so often was as a general instrument and extension of the hand. Blushing Bottoms of NJ. I'm exhausted- physically and emotionally. It usually takes me ages to get into a groove with a new b Audible is a great way for busy parents to learn on the go! Thank you for the wonderful resource you are providing families!
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